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Too often in the beauty industry, artists have been putting beauty before health. I have seen and heard horrible stories about artists NOT DISINFECTING their tools and products in between clients, DOUBLE DIPPING a used makeup wand, using DIRTY makeup brushes, BLOWING excess product off of their brushes before applying to a clients face, and so much more! Little do they know blood-borne pathogens and bacteria live on there and the spread of diseases through makeup products and tools is extremely common and far too easy to not take EXTRA precautions to protect your clients. With that being said, I completed online training in health grade sanitation where I received my certification as a Sanitation Specialist.

My clients health and safety will always come FIRST!

How I clean my brushes
Makeup with Brushes

After each client, I use Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, which instantly cleans, sanitizes, and conditions my brushes. Once they are sanitized, I keep them in my Monda Studio Brush Holder that buckles shut, preventing anything to touch my brushes until the next use.


The Monda Studio Brush Holder is great for keeping used brushes separate from clean brushes during an application as well. The lid turns into a seperate cup for dirty brushes. Once I clean the dirty brushes, I sanitize my Monda brush lid with Alcohol and buckle it shut!


Every two weeks, I shampoo my brushes with Sephora Collection's Makeup Brush Shampoo, to disinfect them all and freshen up the bristles.


I sanitize all of my spatulas and palettes with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

How I clean my products
Scatered Makeup

To keep all of my makeup products clean, I transfer all of my products onto a sanitized palette using a spatula. This is because products are harder to disinfect, because spraying such harsh, dry chemicals on them could ruin their quality. I still go ahead and sanitize all of my powder products afterwards with Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist and all of my gel or cream products with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. The reason for using 70% is so that it doesn't dry out my products.


For products like eyeliner and lip pencils, that can't be transferred onto a palette, I disinfect after each client using Lucas-Cide. I will also let my pencil sharpener soak in Lucas-Cide as well to disinfect.

  • I wash my hands thoroughly before each client.

  • I sanitize any surfaces I will be using and lay paper towel down before setting out any of my products.

  • I use disposable mascara and lip wands, never the wand that it comes with.

How I keep my clients safe
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